When do my benefits go into effect?

Your benefits become effective the first day of the month that follows your first day worked.

When do my benefits end?
Your benefits end the last day of the month that follows your last day worked.

When do I get my benefits cards?
Temporary ID cards will be emailed to you by the third of the month that follows your first day worked. Your permanent ID cards will come through USPS mail to your preferred mailing address.

I have vision benefits elected but not card.
What do I do?

Let your doctor’s office know you are under Superior Insurance. The office can look up your benefits plan with your social security number and date of birth.

When am I eligible for 401(k)?
You are eligible after 1,000 hours worked.

How will I know I am eligible?  How do I enroll?
You will receive an email the first week of the month you become eligible with the enrollment forms attached. You will need to complete these forms and send them back to the Delta Healthcare Providers Human Resources Department.

When will the deductions start?
Your deductions will begin the first of the month after you return your enrollment forms.

Can I cancel my enrollment?
Yes. Inform your recruiter that you wish to cancel, and they will send you the cancellation forms to complete.

Does Delta offer matching?
No. Delta Healthcare Providers does not offer a matching 401(k) option.


There are many benefits to working with Delta Healthcare Providers, and easy access to information is one of them. This includes information about your benefits package. Below are some frequently asked questions about Benefits and 401(k). Stay in the know with information about your benefits plan.