When will I receive First Day Instructions?

The Wednesday before your start date you will receive an email from your recruiter with the First Day Instructions attached in a PDF format. We always recommend you save a copy of these instructions for your personal records.

What all is included in the First Day Instructions?

  • Facility information (contact information and address)
  • Reporting Instructions
  • Dress Code
  • Schedule
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Area information, including: weather info, local banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.
  • Online work log website

What do I do if Delta is providing housing?

Your address, contact information, and move-in instructions for lodging will be provided in the First Day Instructions kit.

What if I encounter a problem or issue the weekend prior to starting work?

We advise you to always attempt to contact your recruiter initially. If you are unable to reach him or her, the the First Day Instruction kit includes contact numbers for the marketer of your facility, our Vice President of Recruiting, and our on-call support services team.

Jumping into a new assignment might seem daunting when you have to wade through a lot of fine print and regulations. In order to prevent this process from becoming overwhelming, Delta Healthcare Providers has created a guidebook of sorts for first day instructions. Your recruiter will put together all of the ins and outs specific to you assignment so that your first day on the job can be as seamless as possible. Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding first day instructions.