Does Delta Healthcare Providers reimburse me for my license?

Yes. Delta Healthcare Providers will reimburse you for licensure required for any assignment secured through our services. You will need to save and submit any receipts to Delta Healthcare Providers in order to be reimbursed for the amount agreed upon.

Does Delta Healthcare Providers pay for me to renew my license while on assignment?

If you know your license will expire while on assignment, contact your recruiter for help before that assignment starts.

Will I be reimbursed for the travel expenses I incur while getting to a new assignment?
Travel allowance is paid on a case by case basis.

Will Delta Healthcare Providers pay for the CEU’s I want to take?

If you know of a course you want to take, contact your recruiter about help with reimbursement.

What does Delta Healthcare Providers pay for?

Delta Healthcare Providers pays for your drug screen, DMV record check, and a 7-year Criminal Background Check searched by county with a social security number trace.

What credentials are required for employment?

Requirements can vary depending on a facility’s specifications. Most requirements are covered in our Credential Checklist. The items Delta Healthcare Providers requires to have on file are determined by Joint Commission and the government.

The items listed below are the provider’s financial responsibility:

  • Certification of Notarization Document
  • Copy of acceptable documents from list on I-9
    (List A or List B or List C)
  • Copy of CPR BLS-clear copy of the front and signed back of the card
  • TB skin test within the past year
  • Hepatitis B Declination/3 vaccinations/1 titer
  • Copy of voided check or official bank document
  • Copy of Auto Insurance (if applicable)
  • Delta HR documentation

What else could be required outside of Delta’s Credential Checklist?

  • State Specific Background Checks
  • Fingerprints
  • Additional Immunization Records: MMR-2 immunizations or titers; Hepatitis B-3 immunizations or titer;
  • Varicella-2 immunizations or titer; TDap-immunization within last 5 to 10 years; or Influenzaimmunization during the current flu season
  • 2 step TB test, TB QuantiFERON
  • Competency Testing/Exams
  • Fitness Test
  • Physical or Statement of Health within the past year
  • Nicotine Test
  • Copies of all current state licensure cards-with number and expiration date
  • Copy of current ASHA card (if applicable)
  • Additional Client Documentation
  • Copy of Diploma (if available)

Have questions about licensure costs and travel expenses? Our onsite and accredited Risk Management team has all of the answers! The following are the most commonly asked questions we receive from travelers on assignment regarding renewals & reimbursements.