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Looking to get ahead? Just trying to dig out? How about a little extra money every month as you finish up your training? We know all about what to ask for and what to expect related to signing bonuses, student loan repayment, relocation and training stipends. Let us help you understand what works best for you.

signing bonuses: Nowadays, signing bonuses are the norm…the expected.

How nice would it be to have a sizable down payment on your new home?

Wouldn’t it be nice putting a big dent in your debt?  We know what you should

expect, how it should be forgiven and when you should expect to receive your

signing bonus.

LOAN REPAYMENT: The average physician finishes training with nearly

$200,000 in medical school debt. Many healthcare organizations qualify for

physician loan repayment through the US Government, state governments, self

funding and community support. We can help you understand what is available

to help you dig out of this hole and avoid compounding interest.

TRAINING STIPEND: You are more than likely in your early to mid-30’s. You

may be married and have started a family. A couple thousand extra dollars could

serve you very well until you are able to start your career. Many organizations

offer monthly stipends as you finish out your training. Let us help you structure

your compensation package to assist you now!


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