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After you sign your first contract, the anxiety begins to mount. Excitement, second-guessing, buyer’s remorse and relief…..all natural feelings. You might feel buried with licensing, credentialing, home shopping, relocation planning and all of the normal curveballs life throws us….not to mention successfully finishing your final year of training and studying for your board exams. Here are a few things that can lift some of the burdens from you.


Staff Offices, Payors, Federal and State agencies and many others… They will

all be chasing you for information. There is never a better time than now to get

your documentation organized to present to all of the organizations that will need

it prior to you practicing. We can serve as a liaison between the physicians we

represent and these entities. These entities often lack the commitment and

sense of urgency to get things done in a timely fashion, similar to the mortgage

industry. Let us go get the clarity for you and drive the process.

the emotions: Starting a new job and relocating are two of the most

stressful things we encounter in life, and in this case, these events are occurring

simultaneously. Prepare yourself for mental and physical fatigue that is fueled by

excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. We help families through these events on a

daily basis and can help lessen the emotional burden that these will take. The

resources we have access to can help.


Relocation affects everyone in the family, and we will work to do everything we

can to help. Does your significant other have a career that we need to take into

consideration? Do your kids have special interests or needs? We will ignite the

networking for you and your family. Hospital leaders often network with

business, education and religious leaders in their communities. This network can

often provide what any family is seeking, and we will help get the ball rolling.


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