Bill Tracewell

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Bill Tracewell is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of The Delta Companies'. Bill coordinates strategic initiatives toward sales, marketing, and recruitment growth, while fostering an environment of support and training for their internal employees. Bill’s mission is to lead the Delta team in filling all open healthcare positions within the United States. Their job is not complete until every medical facility in the country is properly staffed. 
Bill works to ensure that Delta’s representatives are prepared to overcome any obstacles that may hinder their success, so that customers are guaranteed the outcome they deserve.

Bill joined The Delta Companies in April 2001, where he was the first employee to generate $1 million in gross margin. Bill has fulfilled several roles, including physician recruiter, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  In addition he started the first business unit within the Allied Healthcare Market, Delta Healthcare Providers, and grew that unit into a multi-million dollar department.

When out of the office, Bill can be found working on his golf game. At home, he is an active patron at his children’s sporting events, attending the baseball and volleyball games of Grace, Bohan, and Megan. Bill also enjoys the chance to kick back on the porch with a cold drink to catch up with his wife, Jenny.

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