Six Ways Facilities Thrive Under The New PDPM

Delta Healthcare Providers is focused on finding the right staffing solutions for your facility.

The Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is changing healthcare services for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), but hospitals and clinics still have access to many talented providers. Delta Healthcare Providers (DHP) works with candidates nationwide to find the right fit for your staffing needs.

The Impact of PDPM on Therapists

The PDPM is a new payment system for SNFs that's designed to:

  • Streamline patient care and deliver personalized therapy services
  • Replace the current Resource Utilization Group, Version IV (RUG-IV)
  • Save SNFs $2 billion
  • Reduce administrative requirements, resulting in cost savings
  • Enhance collaboration and group therapy
  • Decrease therapy utilization and over billing

With the changes brought about by the PDPM, provider jobs have been impacted. Under the PDPM, thousands of therapists around the nation have seen a reduction in work hours, or have lost their jobs completely. Others are dissatisfied with their new role or feel stressed about pay adjustments and job longevity.

When therapists are affected, so are facilities and the patients they serve.

Here are six ways clients benefit from the staffing expertise of DHP:

  1. You have a choice of providers. We present providers who want to work in your setting and community.
  2. 85% of assignments placed outside of SNFs. We've built our business by partnering with hospitals and outpatient clinics across the nation. Approximately 85% of assignments are placed outside of SNFs.
  3. Guaranteed hours. Our providers have contracted hours so you can count on them day in and day out.
  4. Network of providers.We look ahead to prepare providers about the therapy changes that may affect them. TDC providers currently working in SNF's haven't been adversely impacted by the PDPM changes because we work with facilities that were already equipped for the changes.
  5. Staff consistency. Our providers are typically on assignment for 13 weeks and can extend their stay or move on, depending on your staffing needs.
  6. Multi-state licensing available. DHP has a dedicated licensing team that walks providers through the process of obtaining the Physical Therapy Compact, which allows therapists an expedited pathway to obtaining a therapy license in another state. The quicker the license is approved, the quicker these providers can begin work.
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