The Delta Companies Enhance Their Digital Transformation

The Delta Companies Healthcare Technology

The new technology streamlines The Delta Companies healthcare staffing workflow management.

The Delta Companies (TDC), a leading healthcare staffing firm for providers nationwide, announced it has partnered with DaXtra to further enhance its digital transformation initiatives. By utilizing one of the company’s signature products, DaXtra Capture, TDC can automate the delivery of online candidate applications directly to its customer relationship management (CRM) database, saving time and resources. With a streamlined workflow, TDC can focus on other strategic functions and internal initiatives that support providers and clients.

TDC will utilize DaXtra Capture to gather candidate data from a variety of sources, such as network folders, website portals, and email address. The data is loaded into the CRM without error or duplication, enabling TDC to access and share candidate information quickly and efficiently.

“Moving from a manual process to an automated process makes it easier and faster to integrate and track candidate data, saving TDC 23 hours every week,” Susan Soofi, Associate Director of Advertising says. “The efficiencies we gain for our staff will translate into better management workflow and even more successful placements.”

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